Free Online Resources for Learning English

I collected the free online resources for learning English that I find useful. If you are taking English courses and you need extra resources for improving some language skills like listening or speaking while spending time online or if you are an English learner who is looking for self-study resources, you are in the right place. 

The Internet is full of free English learning resources but it is you, who is going to choose the ones that are best work for you and use them regularly to make English a part of your life. 

Take a little step further everyday in your English learning journey because you need to remember, we are here to learn English or bust! 

Let’s start!


EngVid is an amazing website with various amazing teachers teaching you a grammar topic, helping you improve your vocabulary with vocabulary lessons on different topics or sharing pronounciation tips with short videos that you can watch everyday to fill the gaps in your English grammar or vocabulary.

Various teachers share great information using a whiteboard for you to watch from the comfort of your home. 

If you click on All Lessons section on the site, you can choose your English level and find lessons sorted by level.

You can also choose what you want to work on, for example after you choose your level as Intermediate, you can tick the box for grammar and find all the video lessons of intermediate grammar ready for you.

You can also take a little quiz on what you learned by clicking the button below the videos.

Learn English with Papa Teach Me

If you want to hear some British English pronuncitation and have fun learning something new, this channel is for you.

On this youtube channel Learn English with Papa Teach Me, you can find videos for pronunciation, phrasal verbs, prepositions, tenses, idioms and vocabulary and more.

I am a big fan of his drawings. In his video lessons he draws some stickmen with speech bubbles on a whiteboard to explain the meaning of the words or idioms, and I think the dialogues between the stickmen makes the meaning more clear and also it is easier to remember the words or expressions this way.

He is also really fun to watch with his acting skills as he pretends to be a blondie or an English student to make learning English more fun for you.

Even if you are an advanced speaker of English, you will learn something new watching his videos. 

TED Talks

Ted Talks are short talks by speakers from all around the world to present and share their ideas on a wide range of topics from education, child development, the environment, music to science and communication. 

Everyone might find something that interests them in TED Talk videos. 

Ted Talks are good resources for intermediate and above level learners to improve their listening skills and vocabulary. They are very helpful for advanced learners to practice their listening skills. 

When watching the videos, especially for the advanced learners, I recommend watching them without captions and maybe 3-4 times. You can also pause the video after each sentence and imitate the sentence to work on your pronunciation. 

If you are not an advanced learner, it is also very helpful to watch the videos with captions or you can follow from the transcripts as you listen. The transcripts can be found on the site. Again, it is better to watch the same video more than once.

Voice of America (VOA) 

VOA is a great website to help you improve your English skills. In this website you can find many videos on various topics and you can keep yourself up to date by following current issues around the world with VOA news videos. That would definitely help you with your listening skills.

The site has video and audio grammar and vocabulary lessons for beginner, intermediate and advanced level English learners.

There are some good things about these lessons. First of all, you can find the transcript for the lesson you are listening to on the site. You can read the transcript while you are listening, especially if you are a beginner level student. Second, the definition of the new words in the lesson provided for you at the end of the page. One more thing that I like about these lessons is you can take a short quiz after watching or listening to the lesson. 

You can download the audio on the site to your pc or mobile phone and listen to it on your way to work or school or while doing housework at home.

One last thing, the website provides you with its TALK2US interactive learning English program. You can practice your English speaking skills with VOA teachers and writers and learners like you from all around the world via voicechat. How the program works is explained on the site. It is free to join and I think it is a great chance to practice your English. You should select a date from their calendar for joining the program. You can click to see the dates for upcoming lessons.


Udemy is an online learning platform that offers courses on many different subjects. 

You can find courses to improve your vocabulary or pronunciation, to work on your grammar or to learn business English prepared by native or non-native English speakers. You can find a lot of free courses on the site and once you enroll in a course, you will have access to the course content whenever you want.


Italki is another online language learning platform to help you with your English. This website can be help you find an English speaker partner (native or non-native) and practice your English speaking skills. 

If you are an English learner who live in a non-English speaking country, it may be difficult to have the chance to practice. If you can find a language partner on italki and agree on language exchange, you will take one step ahead in your English learning journey.

On Italki you can also find many native or non-native teachers for 1-1 English lessons. You should only check the teacher’s profile and if you would like to have a lesson with the teacher, you should check their schedule to arrange a lesson. Most of the teachers offers trial lessons, you can have a trial lesson with the teacher and have an idea of the way how the lessons will be.