Online Resources for Learning English

Learning English has never been easier. The internet is an incredible tool with great online resources for learning English.

Do you want to improve your speaking skills? There are online platforms where you can exchange languages with a language partner and start practising. Do you need to pass an English exam? You can revise and practice grammar with some useful websites.      Is there a word that you don’t know in a reading text? Look up the unknown word in an online bilingual or monolingual dictionary. You can find most of the online resources for learning English for free. Podcasts, blogs, apps, online games and videos are all useful to help you develop your skills in English.

Different strokes for different folks

This idiom means everybody has a different way of doing things. There isn’t only one way to learn English, on the contrary there are a great number of online and offline resources to learn English on your own.

English is not a language that we learn only to pass a test or get a certificate, I mean, it shouldn’t be that way.

Learning English can be fun if you choose the right materials and make English a part of your life.

Making English a part of your life? How? You spend many hours online, so why don’t you use the internet to your benefit and discover a variety of resources to make learning English fun. Do you like listening to music? Great, then listen to some English songs and learn a bunch of new words or idioms, or maybe even practice grammar. Are you a food lover? Then, great news for you, there are hundreds of food blogs, recipes and youtube videos on the internet waiting for you. Are you interested in travelling? You can read blogs written by different people from all around the world and get some inspiration.

Learning English can be easier and fun when you use some of the best online resources.

Here, I will share the online resources that I like to help you develop your English skills.

Explore the online resources for learning English: