Simple Past Tense Time Expressions

We use some Simple Past Tense time expressions like yesterday, last night, ten minutes ago, etc. to show that something happened in the past. The most common past time expressions are as below:

  • yesterday

       yesterday morning/yesterday afternoon/yesterday evening 

       I didn’t have dinner yesterday evening.
       Yesterday morning, I left the house at 6:30.
       Lindsay paid the electricity bill yesterday.

  • last ...

       last night/last week/last month/last year/last Wednesday/last summer

        We played football last night.
        They went to to Spain last week.
        She graduated from high school last year.

  •  .......... ago

        two minutes ago/an hour ago/one week ago/four months ago/a year ago

        They moved to Madrid one year ago.
        The lesson started five minutes ago.   
        He was born two months ago.