Spelling Rules for Regular Past Verbs
(-ed forms)

Some simple past verbs are regular and there are some spelling rules for the regular verbs.

1. We usually add -ed at the end of the verb.

    worked      moved     listened

2. When the verbs end in 'e', add -d at the end of the verb.

    arrive   love   changed

3. When the verb has one syllable and ends in one wovel and one consonant, double    the consonant.

    stopped    robbed     planned

Note: What is a vowel and a consonant?

         vowels = a  e  i  o  u
         consonants are all other letters = b  c  d  f  g, etc.

4. When verbs end in a consonant + -y, drop the-y and add -ied at the end of the verb.

    studied       cried       carried

Some past simple verbs are irregular. There are no spelling rules for   these verbs.

go – went        have – had      speak - spoke

Ready to Practice?

Click here to try an exercise about spelling rules for regular past verbs.

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